Resolve Memory Card Error And Fix Jpeg Header Corruption

Digital gadgets popularity and its easy use offers us to capture all those touching moments , which we  do not want to forget at any cost. Data snapped by digital gadgets can easily be access ,view and transfer . We can also create its back ups that can be  easily used whenever required as all the photos snapped by digital gadget get stored in memory card .But one of thing to worry is , the proper handling of  digital gadget and keeping memory card far away from any problematic issues as corruption , damage or accidental deletion or formatting as it leads to loss of photos. And when ever user try to access inaccessible photos , these photos they may encounter error messages as  “Corrupted header” ,“Unknown file type” , “File can not be opened” ,”Unknown JPEG format” ,”Cannot read JPG header” etc.

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Memory card errors are not easy to handle manually as its consequences are extremely annoying.One of the common error that is commonly faced  by user is “Jpeg Header Corruption” that  leads to inaccessibility of photos along with several  problematic issues. In this very frustrating situation of tackling with error and inaccessibility make user hopeless and the loss all hope of returning images back. It become extremely difficult and troublesome , if  back up has not being created .

The best manual method to fix jpeg header  corruption is formatting of digital gadget and using back up as fresh ones. But , if you have not created back up and had accidentally deleted or formatted hard drive  then the only way that will help you to resolve  and fix jpeg header free and quick is third party automatic tool to recover jpeg images. It facilitate user with easy to use interface that make it easy for the user to carry out the whole process of jpeg recovery easily and  securely.

Jpeg/Jpg Recovery Software – User Guide

Download and launch jpg recovery application in your system.

Step: 2

In this step you can search for photo, music and video files by selecting media. Now click on Start scan button located at the bottom.

Step: 3

After successful scanning , it will show the preview of all the file that has been recovered.

Step: 4

The very next wizard will help you to select the specific region of selected media.

Step: 5

Select the specific file type

Step: 6

Through this method you can create image sector by sector of selcted media.

Step: 7

Select the range

Step: 8

Resume recovery from the last saved scan

Step: 9

Now , save the recovered file at your specified location.

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